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Pit Senyor: Cebu dances to the Sinulog

The Sinulog grand mardi gras is under way and if you're not in Cebu City, you’re missing an explosion of colors, dances and Sto. Niño devotion. The city center is packed with people: devotees carrying their own Sto. Niño images, tourists lugging around cameras, teeners riddled with henna tattoos and just about every one else. Sinulog dancers are out on the streets, clad in colorful costumes that span different eras of the country's history: from the pre-Hispanic period to the modern day times.
sinulog DANCING ON THE STREET. A contingent dances the Sinulog in front of a huge crowd in central Cebu City. Click on photo to view larger image.
Saturday afternoon was the religious highlight of the week-long Sinulog festival. Today is the cultural culmination of the activity. The Sinulog transcends Catholicism, it is an expression of Cebu’s ethos: a fun tropical paradise punctuated with year-long festivities that celebrate various aspects of its culture. To those unlucky enough not to be here, here are a few photos hot off the street. We will continue posting updates so be sure to check this site once in a while. As we say in these days: Pit Senyor! kids on a cart sinulog dancers mardi gras sinulog dancers

Christmas lanterns to adorn major Asean Summit routes

Local governments in Metro Cebu will be putting up native Christmas lanterns or "parols" on major streets as part of preparations for the coming Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit. The Philippine Information Agency 7 reported that businesses and households in Cebu City have been asked to beautify their surroundings and put up Christmas decors and lights. The move is meant to highlight to visitors the Christmas tradition in the Philippines, a country reputed to have the longest Yuletide celebration worldwide. Ambassador Marciano Paynor, secretary general of the summit’s organizing committee, urged Cebu to capitalize on the Christmas atmosphere during the hosting of the event and showcase to delegates and international media the traditional Filipino Christmas. Both the neighboring cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu are also scheduled to put up native lanterns on its streets, especially on main roads leading to summit venues.