San Juanico Bridge, country’s longest

Built over the narrow San Juanico strait, the San Juanico Bridge--which is 2.16 kilometers long--still holds the record as the longest bridge in the Philippines. The bridge connects Tacloban City on the Leyte side and the town of Sta. Rita on the Samar side. It crosses the San Juanico strait, reportedly the world's narrowest since it's only two kilometers wide at its most narrow point. Constructed in 1973 during the administration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, the bridge is supported by 43 spans that rise 41 meters above the sea. A panoramic view of the bridge can be found here (opens in new window). (Click on photos to view larger images.) The views from the bridge are fantastic and include the islets near the bridge as well as the strait's thousand whirlpools. San Juanico Bridge 1 The 34-year-old steel structure is just 10 minutes away from the Tacloban City center. It is accessible by jeepney, bus, motorcycle, or private vehicle. There are daily flights from Manila to Tacloban City. From Cebu, the best way to get to Tacloban would be to ride on a fast boat, such as the Supercat fast craft, to Ormoc City and then take a van for hire from Ormoc to Tacloban, which is about two to three hours away. The vans for hire are parked at the Ormoc City pier. Van fare was only 110 pesos during our visit in April 2006. More photos: San Juanico Bridge 2 San Juanico Bridge 3 San Juanico Bridge 4
  • so, where san juanico bridge is located at??

  • Cebu Network

    the bridge connects the islands of leyte and samar in the visayas, philippines.

  • chae hyeon

    beautiful bridge it formed letter S stands for samar, ang letter L for leyte. i miss this san juanico.

  • can you paste some thesis in ths web, and also try to reveal how the bridge was constructed, of how the bridges was constructed under water…. thanks

  • rick

    Can someone tell me, how far is it from Tacloban to the nearest nice, clean beaches? Would they be in Leyte or in Samar? Thank you.

  • rizell

    is it true that the former late president Marcos offered san juanico bridge to
    his wife as a gift. For Mrs.Imelda have difficulty of going to her home town Leyte?

  • rey

    For me the best and the nearest beach from Tacloban would be in Marabut in Samar. It is approximately 30 kms from the city with good concrete roads. If you prefer the nearest one, i would suggest the McArthur park hotel. It is at the historic site of McArthur’s Leyte Landing.

  • hazel

    wow!ka nice

  • for me this is the longest bridge in the world

  • deny

    which hotel or pension house at tacloban city will you recommend for a 2 nights 3days stay? which resort in marabut samar do you recommend for a visit/stay? do you recommend staying at MacArthur Park hotel

  • leo

    i think after 18 hrs of travel from manila by land you will find yourself at san juanico bridge being fascinated by its beauty….

  • weng

    How far or what is the kilometer distance between Ormoc to tacloban??????… Hope for your response…Thank you much

  • is it true that many lives suffered during the construction of this bridge?

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  • Charissa Arroyo

    What an amazing construction of the longest bridge in the Philippines during the time of our former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. One of the great achievements that he once created for the welfare of the Filipino people. This is really something to ponder about. He is indeed a true Hero! How I wish to visit the place of my deceased Grandmother at Leyte. #wishfulthinking