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Bactroban For Sale, A rustic garden where in the middle a cherub artfully supports a water fountain catches the eye immediately upon entering Collinwood. So do the tastefully made homes with Spanish-inspired designs--evident in the foyer's roofing and canopy, their arched windows, Bactroban treatment, and stone covered column base.

Collinwood subdivision in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City offers houses that fit a wide range of family sizes and are affordable for those in the middle- and upper- class brackets.

Collinwood: Hidalgo Royale HIDALGO ROYALE. One of the house models of the Spanish-inspired designs of Collinwood subdivision in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Bactroban For Sale. Bactroban used for, Click on photo to view larger image.

It has six types of house models: Hidalgo Royale, Amorsolo Classique, Turriano, Hermoso, what is Bactroban, Palacios Grande, and Hermoso Grande. Buy Bactroban no prescription, Hidalgo Royale and Amorsolo Classique have two bedrooms, Turriano and Hermoso have three bedrooms, Palacios Grande has four bedrooms, while Hermoso Grande has six bedrooms including the househelp's quarters, generic Bactroban.

Collinwood subdivision's two-bedroom homes suit small families, three- or four- bedroom units suit middle-sized families, Bactroban dangers, and six bedroom homes suit large families.

(For real estate queries, tips, and updates, buy Bactroban online cod, visit the Cebu Real Estate blog.)

Hidalgo Royale

The Hidalgo Royale is the smallest house model with its two bedrooms--each with its own closet, and bathroom with stylish fixtures. Bactroban For Sale, Ceramic tiles are used in the floors of the kitchen, living, and dining rooms. Bactroban images, The house also comes with a carport and a landscaped front garden.

Hidalgo Royale model of Collinwood

Hidalgo Royale is a one-storey house that can come as a single unit or as a duplex. The floor area is 44 square meters and the lot area is 120 square meters. A small area in the back of the house may be used for laundry purposes, where can i cheapest Bactroban online. It is sold at 1.7 million pesos, Bactroban For Sale.

More photos of Hidalgo Royale. Click on images to view larger photos and their captions:
Hidalgo Royale Collinwood Hidalgo Royale dining area Sala Hidalgo Royale bedroom

Amorsolo Classique

Amorsolo Classique is a two-storey house with two bedrooms, also with built-in closets, in the upper floor and two bathrooms, one each in the upper and lower floors, order Bactroban online c.o.d.

Amorsolo Classique house model of Collinwood

The master's bedroom opens into a balcony with ceramic tile flooring, which is also used in the kitchen, Bactroban overnight, living, and dining rooms. The second floor has a polished and stained wood floor finish and the stairs has polished wooden rails. Bactroban For Sale, The house comes with a carport and has a total floor area of 76 square meters and lot area of 60 square meters. This house unit is priced at 1.46 million pesos, order Bactroban online overnight delivery no prescription.

More photos of Amorsolo Classique, click on images to view larger versions:
Amorsolo Classique Amorsolo Classique sala Amorsolo Classique dining area. Amorsolo Classique master's bedroom. Second bedroom. Dining area Sala


Turriano is a one-storey home with three bedrooms with built-in closets and a toilet and bath with stylish fixtures. Deluxe ceramic tiles are used in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms, rx free Bactroban.

It comes with a carport and landscaped front garden. It is a single attached house with a total floor area of 55 square meters and lot area of 120 square meters, Bactroban For Sale. A small area at the back of the house can be used for washing clothes. Is Bactroban addictive, It is being sold for 1.9 million pesos.

Turriano floor plan

More photos of Turriano, click to enlarge:
Turriano facade Dining area Main bedroom Kitchen Bedroom

Palacios Grande

Palacios Grande is suitable for medium-sized families with its four bedrooms, Bactroban over the counter, three in the second floor and one in the lower floor. The master's bedroom is in the second floor and it comes with an exclusive balcony. Bactroban For Sale, This bedroom and two others on the upper floor and the ground floor guest room have built-in closets. Get Bactroban, The house has two bathrooms, one each in the two floors, and they both come with stylish bathroom fixtures. Ceramic tiles are used for the flooring of the kitchen and the living and dining rooms, Bactroban street price. The second floor has a polished and stained wood floor finish.

Palacios Grande also comes with a carport and landscaped front garden. It has a total floor area of 84 square meters and lot area of 120 square meters, Bactroban For Sale. Comprar en línea Bactroban, comprar Bactroban baratos, It costs 2.65 million pesos.

Palacios Grande floor plan of Collinwood subdivision

More photos of Palacios Grande, click to enlarge:
Palacios Grande Collinwood Dining area Kitchen Main bedroom Downstairs bedroom Bedroom Bedroom


A one-storey house with a similar floor area to Palacios Grande is Hermoso, which has three bedrooms with built-in closets, cheap Bactroban no rx. The master's bedroom has its own bathroom. Another bathroom is located between the two other bedrooms. Bactroban For Sale, Ceramic tiles are also used for the flooring of the kitchen and living and dining rooms. Bactroban maximum dosage, The house is a single detached unit that comes with a carport, landscaped front garden, and its kitchen opens into the back area where laundry may be done. Hermoso is priced at 2.96 million pesos, Bactroban pictures.

Hermoso house model floor plan

More photos of Hermoso, click to enlarge:
Hermoso facade Sala Master's bedroom Dining area Kitchen Second bedroom Third bedroom

Hermoso Grande

The Hermoso Grande is the biggest unit in the subdivision. Buy Bactroban from mexico, It is a two-storey house with four bedrooms in the upper floor and two in the ground floor.

The master's bedroom in the upper floor has built-in closets and its own bathroom and big balcony, Bactroban For Sale. The second floor has a family room with a much smaller balcony than the one in the master's bedroom.

The three other bedrooms in the upper floor also have built-in closets and a common bathroom located between the two rooms facing the master's bedroom.

Hermoso Grande floor plan

In the first floor, buy Bactroban without a prescription, the guest room and the servant's quarters also have built-in closets. The bathroom in the first floor is located near the stairs with its polished wooden railing.

Hermoso Grande HERMOSO GRANDE, buy cheap Bactroban. The six-bedroom house, which costs 4.6 million pesos, Effects of Bactroban, is the biggest unit in Collinwood Subdivision in Basak, Lapu-Lapu city.
This unit's kitchen already has elegant counters and cabinets and its dining room has a breakfast nook.

Ceramic tiles are used for the floors of the kitchen and living and dining rooms while the second floor makes use of polished and stained wood.

Hermoso Grande is a single detached house comes with a 2-car garage and landscaped front garden, purchase Bactroban online. It has total floor area of 190 square meters and lot area of 180 square meters, Bactroban For Sale. A Hermoso Grande house costs 4.6 million pesos.

Other photos of Hermoso Grande, Bactroban price, coupon, click to enlarge:
Dining area Master's bedroom Family room Second floor Sala Kitchen

Amenities offered by the subdivision include an elegant entrance with guard house, rustic water fountain, tree-lined concrete access road, order Bactroban from mexican pharmacy, multi-purpose hall with parking area, basketball and tennis courts, Bactroban from canadian pharmacy, landscaped and play areas, perimeter fence, concrete roads with street signage, cemented sidewalks with streetlights, order Bactroban from United States pharmacy, cemented curbs and gutters, power supply, Bactroban forum, and provision for telephone lines.

Buying options

Some of the amenities are already in place while some are still being put up when we visited the subdivision in March. Bactroban For Sale, The subdivision requires a reservation fee of 20,000 before it can set aside a unit for a particular buyer. This fee cannot be transferred or refunded but is part of the total contract price.

A buyer may avail of a 5 percent discount of the price of the house and lot if full payment is made within 30 days of reserving a unit, australia, uk, us, usa.

Equity for regular equity payments and down payments represent 30 percent of the total cost of the house and lot and half must be paid within 15 days of reserving the unit and fully paid within 45 days of the reservation date.

Under the easy equity payment plan, Where can i buy cheapest Bactroban online, 30 percent of the equity must be paid within 45 days of reserving the house and lot and only 70 percent is subject to the easy equity payment plan.

Under this plan, the 70 percent may be paid within a period of 18 months, Bactroban For Sale. Interest under the easy equity payment plan is 16 percent straight per annum.

A 4 percent penalty per month will be charged on the amount due in case of default. If a buyer defaults for consecutive months, Bactroban class, the agreement on the easy equity payment plan will be rescinded.

In-house payment schemes

1. Bactroban For Sale, Full payment on the total cost of the unit within a maximum period of three months. Bactroban steet value, Under this scheme, buyers get a five percent discount.

2. Interest-free payment of 30 percent of total cost of unit within six months, canada, mexico, india, with the remaining 70 percent payable for another six months, also without interest.

3. Payment of 30 percent of unit without interest and full payment of the 70 percent balance upon the completion of the house, Bactroban For Sale. First payment is discounted at 2.5 percent.

4. Payment of 50 percent of cost of unit and payment of the remaining 50 percent once it is completed.

5. Bactroban For Sale, Payment of 10, 20, or 30 percent of unit cost within 4 to 6 months. Balance is payable from 1 to 5 years at 16 percent interest per annum.

6. Payment of 10, 20, or 30 percent of unit price payable in 4 to 6 months. Balance of the unit cost is payable from 6 to 10 years with interest.

Price conditions

The subdivision is charging an additional 100 pesos for every square meter of all lots facing east, corner lots, main road lots, and those beside and across parks and playground, Bactroban For Sale.

Also, prices of the units, which may change without prior notice, are inclusive of taxes and miscellaneous fees.

Where is Collinwood

Collinwood is in Basak, a barangay in Lapu-Lapu City in Mactan island. It is 20 minutes away from the airport, 15-20 minutes away from Mactan Marina Mall, public market, and Gaisano Mactan, 5 minutes away from the Mactan Economic Zone 2, 10-15 minutes from Mactan's white sand beaches, and less than 5 minutes from the hospital.

Here's a map to the subdivision site. The direction trail starts from the first Mandaue Mactan Bridge. You can drag the map around and zoom into it.

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    Good morning

    We will be visiting Mactan 1st week of July. Can you please provide a name and telephone number contact.

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  • Cebu Network

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    i’ve e-mailed you our contact details. thanks for your interest.

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    My wife and I visited Collinwood a couple of days ago whilst we were in Cebu. Could you contact me personally so I can get more details.


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  • Jex

    Good Morning…Could you please provide a picture in this site(external view of the house) of Hermoso Grande because my mom is interested in that model …thank you…

  • pearl


    I’m going to cebu end of august, please give me your contact details. also, would like to know more details about the hidalgo royale model and payment options. also, how far is the place to mandaue?


  • What is the price for the Royale and the other houses.

  • rachel

    can u pls contact me regardng moe info of collinwood. interested with hidalgo.thx

  • hermoso grande must be a very good house and lot in collinwood .. but most people who came from cebu city thinks that basakis far from cebu but if i were the buyer i like collinwood .. cause the road is great and the market is just near ..

  • kent martin

    good day,

    can you please send me the price for hidalgo royale and turriano? i am interested with those houses but still confused on what to choose.

  • sismar dede

    hi people !!! i visited a lot of subdivisions and so far collinwood was the best location ever plus the prices of the house are very reasonable and comfy i decided to purchase two houses,and i am looking forward for the finish product hopefully this summer which i am schrdule to visit philippines again!more power commonwealth!!!God bless!!!!

  • Jo

    is there sort of like a paylite plan for the equity thru pag-ibig?

  • maryjane

    hi i am very interested in buying the house but i want only the cheapest but at least two or three bed rooms since i have three kidz can u recommend me one. how to apply the financing loans if im the applicant since im working here in malaysia. thks.

  • Marissa

    Do you have a palacios grande ready for immediate occupancy? can you quote the spot cash price?

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    hi! can you please send me the full details if its going to be paid for 5 years. how much is the downpayment? How much is the monthyly payment? etc… thanks!

  • Edward Lao

    Hermoso is what i’m interested of… thanks!

  • Tim Clarke

    Interested in your houses. Is it OK for a foreigner to own, or do I have to buy thru my GF?

  • malyn


    how much is the total cost for hidalgo royale? how much is my equity, my monthly and my downpayment? will u facilitate in-house financing?



  • Are there more testimonials around the site?

  • Martin Pegrum

    I am sorry to have to complain, yet again, New beautiful looking house, BUT litter constantly in the garden, see photos, and an even worse problem, although I put a letter into your office yesterday, no one has called yet.

    I am an engineer by the way, there is raw sewage and other garbage coming up out the drain in our down stair CR, this is disgusting; it would appear to me that you only have one outlet pipe for both sewage and shower water?? This is not normal practise and can lead to dreadful health risk. The blockage and pipe work must be attended to with urgency, the upstairs CR constantly smells, so this indicates to me that the stench pipe is not working, or is also blocked.

    We have lived in our new home only a matter of 2 months, this MUST be put right and it MUST be given importance, I am in two minds to report the whole matter to the city engineers, unless it is corrected and put right soon.

    See all relevant pictures, sewage in the CR this morning,( yesterday, last week, and one other occasion) Litter a constant problem, cant the workers simply put it in the containers as they make the mess, why should I have to clear up behind them ? And now this sewage, drainage problem.. what a mess!

    18th March 2009, 08:12 pm.
    Block 1, Phase 2, Plot 61
    Collinwood Sub-division
    Lapu-Lapu City.

    Regards from very dissatisfied customers indeed, Martin & Erma Pegrum.

  • art hatamosa

    give complete detail of hermoso

  • Ewam

    I like the amorsolo clasique. how much is the dp and the equity payment if i will purchase it through bank loan? thanks.

  • precy

    Hi, is there anymore houses available ? i’d like to know the price of Palacios grande and Hermosa Grande.Can you send me some pictures also of the full view of the house specially the master besdroom . Here’s my email address, [email protected].

  • Mr Martin Pegrum

    I live Phase2,Block1,Plot 61, Recently we had our window frames re-painted, red-leaded, and the rust removed, I would like to thank the team and Waj for doing such a professional and good quality job. I am very happy with your maintenance service, and the way in which Waj handled everything, thank you, Martin Pegrum.

  • johan de bruijn

    Can you tell me more about the payment plans. My (girl)friend want to buy a house and we want to know what the possibilities are.

  • Martin

    What is the construction method? Is it hollow blocks with concrete pillars or prefeb concrete slabs?

  • catherine salcedo

    hello po. . me n my husband are planning to avail the turriano house of your subdivision .. pls help us

  • lourima

    hi !
    Im just curious if when you buy the house is it fully furnish already?or empty?I like the hidalgo royale looks nice .Me and my husband will be this year in cebu so we still keep lookin a rent to own house n lot there in cebu.Can you send more info ?I will appreciate it.Thanks.

  • michelle

    hi is turiano model still available? does rent to own mode of payment apply to this unit?

  • michelle

    it’s the amorsolo classique im interested in not turriano. thanks.

  • U Paul CW Citizens’ Initiative “BAYAN KO”

    The last post to Collinwood is nearly 3 years old…but unfortunately this subdivision is in a free fall now!

    “Collinwood – the Downgrade of a Subdivision”

    Since one year we have to bear the existence of a hospitality industry in the Collinwood subdivision
    The operators, seemingly all Korean citizens, got into this subdivision as normal renters of several buildings, with the intention to sublease parts of this objects to Korean tourists or other kinds of business.

    Meanwhile they have built up a good running tourist-business with a head quarter and a main-meeting-point in the San Sebastian road. But this is obviously only the tip of an iceberg.

    The average stay of the Korean tourists is two to three days. The arrival/departure-time is mostly between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. The entertainment and excursion-program is starting between 8 to 8:45 a.m. every day.

    Sorry to say that most of this “hosts” and their “guests” are only attracting attention by an unrespectful and rude behavior.

    Without any consideration of space they created their own parking systems.
    Honking, waiting cars and hired vans with running motors, an increasing habal-habal traffic by additionally prostitute transfers and food delivery services are permanently disturbing not only the night peace of the residents and their families.

    Glowing cigarettes were thrown on the streets or somewhere else in the neighbor-hood. Loud welcome and farewell-parties with drunken, urinating people from the balconies or peeing-competitions in the neighbor’s gardens are meanwhile as belonging to the catalog of experiences of the house owners, as those Korean operators and guests, who prefer a morning-walk in public, lightly clad with boxer shorts only and blowing up condoms.

    Due to this negative development in this subdivision, the experienced loss of quality of life during last months and an expected fall in value of the properties, the Collinwood subdivision is in a free fall.

    Primary Homes Incorporated was asked, to put a stop to all of this illegal activities, to get back the peace and harmony in this subdivisionthe residents were used to one year ago……

    Update: January-8-2013

    Meanwhile we are writing the year 2013!

    Some the residents of Collinwood are harassed by these unbelievable circumstances since 2 years now!

    Some, especially families with young are planning to leave this subdivision.

    And what happened in this subdivision in the meantime?

    The answer is short: “Nothing!”

    Except some written and verbal empty promises to calm down the effected owners, the Primary Homes Incorporated hasn’t shown any activities.

    The Korean businessmen and also their landlords are acting as before, ignoring the rules of Collinwood subdivision and the Primary Homes Incorporated ignores all kinds of violations.

    Obviously the Primary Homes Inc. must have been fainted and too paralyzed to make finally use of the householder’s rights.

    So a Korean grocery at the main road is still open, the “Korean Tourist Hotels” including a “real” Dive Resort are also booming as before.

    Last October the Primary Homes Inc. has promised to disclose the real registered names of all the Korean “Nadias”, “Sonyas”, “Kyles”, “Charlies”, “Kevins” and “Marcos” to render assistance to the BIR and the Bureau of Immigration.

    But as reported, both offices are still waiting for this cooperation until now!

    Obviously is Primary Homes planning by a rush job to transfer this long lasting problem silently to the homeowner’s association, as a “free gift” to the turn-over of the subdivision to the CW-Home-Owners-Association during the next weeks.

    Thanks for nothing Commonwealth Estate Incorporated!

    “Good luck and happy ending” COLLINWOOD!

    U. Paul
    CW Citizens’ Initiative “BAYAN KO”